Petsmarketing Celebrates "Take Your Dog to Work Day 2006"

It's a Dog's Day.

Hampton poses for the camera.

Welcome to Petsmarketing Agency, Inc. Petsmarketing is a member of Hartville Group and is located in Canton, Ohio.

Petsmarketing is a full service Insurance Agency specializing in insurance plans for dogs and cats. It's business plan calls for introducing it's product effectively and efficiently through a variety of distribution systems.

Petsmarketing created insurance plans to give the over 58 million pet owning households, which spend over 18 billion yearly on veterinary care, a choice if their dog or cat were to become seriously sick or injured. An insurance policy can help remove the financial considerations from pet owners treatment decisions.

Petsmarketing specializes in the solicitation of Pet Insurance Plans, including ASPCA Pet Insurance, The Petshealth Care Plan, Healthy Bark and Purr and others. Petshealth Insurance Plans were introduced in 1997.

The Agency is licensed in 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Copyright 2005, Petsmarketing Agency, Inc.


Wag'n Pet Online Pet Club

Wag'n Pet Online Pet Club

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